Rise of the Thrall Lord

The World

The world is large and very dangerous, but don’t panic! You start out in the calm and friendly little isle of Thac. The eastern coast to be specific.

Small thac

With just a few levels in Knowledge-Geography, and Knowledge-Local you can become familiar with the towns of Eastern Thac

The Knights of the Couch

Why are they called the Knights of the Couch? It is a good question, you should ask them. They are not really Knights or anything like them, and in some documents they have been referred to as the Companions of the Couch, or Order of the Couch… but so far Knights of the Couch has stuck.

The Game Rules

Pathfinders Core with some custom Book of Nine Swords and Swashbuckler builds ported in.


Read about the adventures of our heroes in the Book by F.P.Spirit! Available on amazon either in paperback or for kindle.

Also check out some of the short stories below:
The Road to Vermoorden by Starlord
The Fall of the Couch by Starlord
The Battle of Fisheye Cove by Starlord
The Road to Lukescros by Starlord
The Life and Times of Klinkar Strakentir by Tailspinner


There have been many songs sung of the land of Thac, the most famous of which are the The Thac Ballads of Talespinner.


Random art work inspired by the travels of the Couchers.