Rise of the Thrall Lord

The Vampire Log
The suckiest one yet...
The Baron's Log
No not yet...

Knights of the Couch – Part X – The Barons Heart

He is dead jim! The Baron of Restenford is dead! What will the Knights of the Couch do? Lets go to Garotten! No, to Tarrsmorr! We don’t like Fafnar! Wait, now we do! The Knights are going insane!

Falling Like a Log
Will there ever be an end to the log jokes?

Knights of the Couch – Part IX – The Fall of the Couch

No, probably not…

Well, last time the Couch seized control of the Colossus. And now all HFIL breaks loose. That is right, a dragon attacks (slaughters) the Knights of the Rose. Also the Dragoon Cyclone appears to help save the day (convenient much).

In other news, it is the official start of the Craven Owned Count: 1

Colossal Log
It is bigger, stronger and way better than the Boulder!

Knights of the Couch – Part VIII – In the Shadow of the Colossus

Water… Earth… Fire… Air… Air is the easiest, right guy’s? The KotC decide to go into the Dark Monolith. But, to get to the bottom they must go through crazy puzzles made by the Golem Master himself. Once they get there a fight with the Serpent Cult and the Succubus occurs.

Will the KotC gain conrol of the Colossus, or epically fail at doing so?

The Monologue...
You caught me Monologuing!

Knights of the Couch – Part VII – Journey to the Dark Monolith

Lloyd and Donatello made Fafnar look horrible when the Serpent Cult attacked last time, but can Lloyd do it again in the Tournement the next morning? Who will be declared the winner of this tournement? Will it be Lloyd, Alana, Ruka or Fafnar? Next, the adventurers (teamed up with Ruka, the Psion Elistra, Alana and her knights) make there way towards the dark monolith to stop the serpent cult. But first they must kill octopi, and other things first.

We do not condone octopus abuse… We do however, find it hilarious.

Birthday Log!
Party, party, party!

Knights of the Couch – Part VI – Party Crashers

It’s party time! Our heroes prepare for Lady Andrella’s birthday and for the Serpent Cult to crash it. With their newest addition to the party, the “Jack of all trades” Donnatello, the Compainons of the Couch gets to meet the Dunwynn and Penwick nobels, as well as Lloyd’s new rival Fafnar. Soon the party will begin, and what new threat will ruin this celebration?

The Disappearing Log?
Wait, where did it go?

Knights of the Couch – Part V – The Disappearing Ships

Where did our heroes go? They are back and better than ever! While Elvisda is on leave peparing for Lady Andrella’s birthday, the others teamed up with their former enemy, Martan, to try and find out the cause of some ships dissapearing. On their journey they encounter the mysterious Greymantle Sisters.

The Golem Log
Does this make it a Stone or Wood Golem?

Knights of the Couch – Part IV – Return to Bone Hill

The Couch is back! And this time they obtain there couch and Golem. But it is all fun and games until they have the epic showdown against the Black Adders. Who will win? Who are these Black Adders? Who do they work for? Where is Telvar? Only one of these questions will be awnsered.

Another Log!

Knights of the Couch – Part III – Giant Season

Follow the Couch’s latest adventure. As they try to earn enough money to retrieve the Stone Golem stuck in Bone Hill. Read as Lloyd single handedly slays a menacing two headed giant and as The Couch become heroes of a small town farm…

The Log Continues...
More blogs, more fun

Knights of the Couch – Part II – Orc Season

The early day adventures of the Knights of the Couch continue. Read about their exploits as a new member joins the party. The flamboyant bard Elvisda! Follow the antics and victories of this intrepid group as they continue to make a name for themselves in the turbulent world of Thac.


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