Aerandir Eodin

Psionicist, Mother of Glolindir


Aerandir is a rarity among the Galinthral elves. Although tall and thin like the rest of her people, she is blessed with dark, raven colored hair which stands out in stark contrast to her smooth alabaster skin. Her refined beauty is only surpassed by her keen mind. She is extremely intelligent and very strong willed.

Aerandir is a Psion Telepath. It is a discipline she has studied for nearly 150 years, and she has become quite an adept at it. Being fascinated with the mind, she is forever interested in its inner workings. To Aerandir, each individual is unique and she is fascinated by what “makes them tick”. Although she is quite capable of influencing others minds, it is a practice she refrains from. She would rather understand a subject’s mind than “enthrall” them.


Aerindar grew up in House of Elendiir, one of the seven Great Houses of the Elves of Cairthrellon. From birth she was marked as different, her dark hair making her stand out among her fair haired brethren. But it was more than that; she was a wild child, always wandering off on her own, and interested in the strange and eclectic.

Thus it was no surprise to anyone when Aerandir chose to study the field of “Psionics”. There were very few Psionicists in Cairthrellon, it not being a typical field of study for the Galinthral elves. However, it was an old science, and there were a few books on it in her family’s library which quickly became the young girl’s favorites. Further, there were one or two very skilled practitioners in the elven city. Aerindar, with her sharp mind, impressed one of the best of these, the Master Psionicist Sean Spenstar. He took her on as a student and trained Aerindar until she became an expert psionicist in her own right.

Not being much of a socialite, Aerindar skipped most of the upper class parties held by the members of the great houses. However, when her presence was required, she did attend, though was typically bored out of her mind. Until one party, when she was around hundred years old, where she met a rebellious youth from the House of Eodin, Amrod.

Amrod was a budding wizard and a bit of a hell raiser. He led a group of young elves who railed against the oppressive rule of the upper class and their isolationist policies. Aerindar was immediately taken with this rebel rouser and the two of them became almost inseparable from that day forward.

A mere ten years later, they were married. However, shortly thereafter, Amrod’s older brother, Erthor, was killed in a rare excursion to the nearby town of Theramon. It had been an attempt to open communications once again with the outside world which, unfortunately, ended in tragedy.

Amrod took his brother’s loss hard and it changed him. The once rebellious youth now saw the outside world as dangerous. He became a strong proponent of the upper class and their isolationist policies. Aerindar, however, knew that his new outlook on life was one born out of fear and anger. She loved him and supported him, but constantly tried to convince him to let go of his hate of the outside world.

Ten years after they were married, Aerindar and Amrod had their first, and only child, Glolindir. He was a bright boy, and his birth seemed to mellow Amrod. However, as Glolindir grew up he proved to be both a loner like his mother, and much to Amrod’s chagrin, a rebel like his father. Aerindar found herself forever interceding between the two; constantly reminding Amrod of how he was growing up, and trying to get Glolindir to see that his father only had his best interests at heart.

Aerindar was finally able to channel Glolinidir’s energy into another direction; she began to teach him psionics. It was more theory than a working knowledge, but the young elf was an avid student. Those times together with him were precious to her.

However, once Amrod realized just how quickly the boy learned, he decided to take him on as his apprentice and teach him the arcane arts. Glolindir seemed thrilled at first, and Aerandir, thinking it would bring the two of them closer together, condoned the plan. And in fact, it did seem to work well at first. Her husband and son seemed to get along for the first time in a very long time.

It did not last long though. After a few decades, Glolindir became restless once again. He still railed against the isolationist policies of the elves. But he also lost patience with Amrod’s slow and steady paced teachings. Aerandir did as much as she could to keep the peace between the two, but eventually Glolindir’s frustration reached a level that caused him to leave Cairthrellon.

That was a difficult day for Aerindar; saying goodbye, possibly forever, to her only child. Worse, she had to do so alone. Amrod refused to acknowledge their son once he had decided to leave. However, much to her surprise, Amrod joined her at the magical barriers that hid the city away from the outside world. Albeit, Glolindir had already left, but it signified to her that Amrod cared more for his son that his anger or his pride. She could only hope that one day Glolindir would feel the same and either reach out to them or even return home.

Aerandir Eodin

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