Amrod Eodin

Wizard, Father of Glolindir


Amrod is a very adept wizard. He is one of the foremost mages currently residing in the hidden elven city of Cairthrellon. Tall, thin and silver haired, he is quite typical looking for a Galinthral elf. He is very intelligent, and has a keen memory. Amrod is also a perfectionist. He is quite methodically, carefully studying every aspect of whatever he has currently put his mind to.

He is also quite stoic, almost always keeping his emotions in check. However, when he does lose his temper, it is typically not a pretty sight. These traits make him appear quite stern and overly critical at times. However, Amrod is actually harder on himself than he is on anyone else. Driven by insecurities over events of the past, he strives to be perfect so that no one else around him need suffer from his mistakes.

Amrod is the current head of the Great Elven House of Eodin. His father, and older brother having both passed away before their time, the responsibility has fallen squarely on his shoulders. Thus he represents the great house at the City Council meetings. He is a great proponent of keeping the status quo and not interacting with the world outside Cairthrellon.


Amrod grew up in the House of Eodin. He is the second son of Eborr and Ebestla, his brother Erthor being the first born and heir apparent. Mastery of the arcane arts is an Eodin family tradition. Eborr in fact was a wizard of no small accomplishment. Thus when they were quite young, both Erthor and Amrod began their training in the arcane arts with their father.
Erthor was the more charismatic of the two boys. A strapping young elf, he was very popular with both the nobility and the common folk alike. Amrod was more of an intellectual. He was forever questioning everything around him. This got him branded as a rebel rouser as he was constantly stirring up trouble in the adults eyes. He developed a following of teens who also questioned the status quo and pushed for change in the elven policies, especially those regarding the rule of the Great Houses and isolation from the rest of the world.
Still through all of this Erthor and Amrod remained great friends. And as they grew, Amrod was able to convince Erthor that the Galinthral elves were only hurting themselves by hiding away from the rest of the world. Erthor, now old enough to accompany Eborr to City Council meetings, began to petition for an envoy to be sent to the nearest town of Theramon; to open up negotiations and trade with the outside world. At first the proposal was shot down, but after ten years of diplomacy and politicking on Erthor’s part, and activist pressure on Amrod’s, the proposal was finally accepted and and diplomatic mission was planned.
During this time, Amrod continued his studies and was coming into his own as a wizard. He also met the love of his life, Aerindar Elendiir, of the great house of that same name. A raven haired beauty, one of the few dark haired elves in Cairthrellon, her mind was as sharp as her looks were breath taking. Amrod was enamored by both, and she seemed taken with him as well. The two of them became inseparable, and to the chagrin of her parents, she joined his activist group. Their courtship was a rocky one, with both sets of parents disapproving of their activities, but eventually they pair won out and ten years later were married.
A year after the couple were joined in wedded bliss, Erthor led the diplomatic envoy, the first in over four hundred years, to the nearby town of Theramon. They never returned. It was Amrod himself that discovered the fate of the party, scrying for his brother when two weeks had gone by with no word. Somewhere between the city of Cairthrellon and Theramon, in the depths of the great forest of Ruanaiaith, the elven envoy was besieged by dark forces and every last one of them was killed.
Amrod blamed himself for the mission’s failure. Eborr was beside himself with grief. He withered away and died a year later. The loss of his brother and his father changed Amrod. The once rebellious youth now saw the outside world as dangerous. He was now head of the House of Eodin and the responsibilities of that position fell squarely on his shoulders. He became a strong proponent of the upper class and their isolationist policies.
At least, that was the face he put forth in public and the story that was told to the masses. However, Amrod was no fool. On retrieving the bodies of his brother and the rest of the envoy, it became evident that they had in fact reached their destination. There were history books in Eborr’s pack that could only have come from the outside world. Amrod was devastated; he knew those books had been for him. He loved history. This meant though that whoever destroyed the party had not discovered them until they had reached Theramon and met with their leaders. A pact might have been drawn up in fact, but no evidence of it was found in the carnage.
Realizing just how dangerous the outside world really was, Amrod convinced the other council members that they could no longer just sit idly by in their cocoon. They needed to monitor the happenings beyond their borders. This needed to be done with great secrecy, even from their own people. Volunteers were taken from the military and permanently altered using magic to look like the other races. These elven men and women were sent out as spies into the outside world to gather information and keep the major houses abreast of happenings in the world beyond their borders.
Through all this, Aerindar stood by Amrod, supporting him in these dark times. Amrod felt he would have surely cracked without her love and devotion.
A few years later, Aerindar and Amrod had their first, and only child, Glolindir. He was a bright boy, and his birth seemed like a good omen to Amrod; a new heir for the House of Eodin. But as he grew, Glolindir turned out to be a source of anguish to Amrod. The child had all the same foolish notions that he had as a youth. The boy wanted the elves to give up their isolationist policies. He was foolhardy and did not realize how dangerous the outside world really was.
Amrod distanced himself from his son, but was surprised when he found Aerandir teaching him psionics. Glo was gifted with a keen mind. If he could just channel the boy’s energies, then maybe he could steer him away from a destructive path. So he took him in as an apprentice and began to teach him the arcane arts.
At first everything went smoothly; the boy was eager to learn and quite adept. However, over time, the impetuousness of youth set in and Glolindir began to question everything. Why must the lessons be so long? Why must everything be perfect? What was the purpose of practicing magic if it wasn’t to be used to help others?
This led to a lot of fights between the two. The boy just couldn’t be made to see reason. Aerandir did her best to intercede between them, but in the end it was hopeless. Glolindir eventually through away all reason and decided to leave Cairthrellon and venture into the outside world.
Amrod’s greatest fear had come to pass. He had already lost his brother and father to the outside world; now he would lose his son too. The mage could not bring himself to say goodbye. It brought up too many painful memories. So on the day Glolindir left, Amrod holed himself up in his lab.
Too late he threw all caution to the wind and rushed to the edge of the city, where the barriers were set up that kept Cairthrellon hidden from the rest of the world. There he found his wife, Aerandir, standing alone, their son long gone. Amrod stood there a long time, his arms wrapped around his wife, secretly hoping that their only child would have a change of heart and return to them.

Amrod Eodin

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