young wizardess, niece of both the Baron of Penwick, and the Duke of Dunwynn


Wizard Level 7
Str 9; Dex 10; Con 12; Int 17; Wis 10; Cha 15
AC: 10; HP: 40
Attack: dagger (+2/1d4-1/19-20×2)



  • Toughness,
  • Combat Casting,
  • Selective Spell
  • Elemental Spell

Andrella is 18 years old, 5’7”, about 100 lbs with long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She is very attractive and accentuates her looks with finery more in line with a lordly court than a small barony.

Andrella is the daughter of Gryswold and Gracewynn Avernos. She was trained somewhat in magic by Maltar when she was young, and while bright, has never had the drive to become very skilled in it.

She has fallen in love with the young Warblade Lloyd Steale, and is currently following him and travelling with the Band Formally Known as Couch.

Andrella has begun studying magic again under the tutelage of Glolinder.


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