Anyabarithia Ulteshto Farbican, the Lady of the Amber Mount, Mistress of the Crystal Towers, and Princess and sole heir to the magical Kingdom of Lanfor


The heir to the kingdom of Lanfor, Anya is beautiful, willful, self-centered, egotistical, paranoid, amoral and a little crazy.

Anya is a powerful sorceress of draconic bloodline in the tradition of the Farbican family.


Anya and her grandmother are the sole survivors of the Farbican family from the unsuccessful Nobleness Uprising of 15 years ago. Rumor has it that a young rebel wizard assisted her escape from the initial coup and the terrified child princess spent the forty days of the tower siege of Palt hidden in a rabbit hutch.

The siege and the uprising were ended by the intervention of the Storm Dragon Yatharia.

This means war...fear the bunnies


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