A charming and dashing elvish swashbuckler


Donatello is an itinerate artist of some modest skill who sees the beauty in the plainest of things, things most people would just overlook. This is especially true for women, for he claims to never have met a female he hasn’t found beautiful in some way.


This of course has endeared him to many females throughout the land while simultaneously getting him into trouble with their male relatives. Luckily the artist is as accomplished with a blade and lock pick as he is with a brush and chisel and thus far has been able to keep one step ahead of those who wish him ill.

This is perhaps why the normally loquacious elf doesn’t talk much about his past. If pressed he’ll mention something about a leaving behind a string of brokenhearted maidens and their outraged fathers, brothers or husbands then change the subject.

Donatello first encountered the Knights of the Couch in Restenford when the group intervened for him with the Baron after another “misunderstanding” with one of the town’s merchants, Lord Ned Taylor and his wife.


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