Lloyd Stealle

A Human Spiritblade known as"The Whirling Blades of Stealle"


Lloyd is a human Warblade, he stands about 6’6” tall, brown hair, brown eyed and fair skinned. He is 18 years old and weighs about 240 lbs. Lloyd likes to wear red chainmail, and wields two bastard swords, one in each hand. When Lloyd is fighting, he is like a whirling tornado of destruction.The Whirling Blades of Stealle

Lloyd’s parents are the Content Not Found: lord-remington-stealle and Lady Laura Stealle of the noble house of Stealle from the town of Penwick. His father is an Admiral in the Penwick Navy and his mother is the First Wizard of Penwick. Lloyd has two brothers, Kratos who is a Lieutenant in the Penwick Navy and Zellos who is a Radiant Servant of Pelor in the Church of Penwick.

All three boys were taught martial weapons by their father. Lloyd, however, is a warblade like his father. Remington favors the katana, but Lloyd prefers two blades. His size and strength allow him to wield two huge bastard swords simultaneously. Lloyd’s great size is typical in his mother’s family. Laura is from the Holt family of Penwick which can trace its ancestry back to the Titan Chronos.

Remington began training Lloyd at a very young age in the ways of the warblade. When not training, Lloyd would go on short excursions with his friends in the nearby area. The lad seemed to be a magnet for trouble. Or maybe it was just his righteous view of the world which he inherited from his mother. Lloyd would always stand up for the underdog. Whether it be against a schoolyard bully, or a thief or even the occasional orc, Lloyd would have out his blades and meet justice where it was due.

It soon became apparent that the lad had a taste for adventure and an unbridled passion which the sedentary life of the military would not quench. Therefore, when Lloyd was 18, he left the town of Penwick and headed north looking to hone his skills and right wrongs wherever he went. He soon found himself in the little town of Restenford where he fell into the company of the Cleric Aksel, the Ninja Seth and the Wizard Content Not Found: glorfindel-arshatheriat-eodin.

Throughout his journey, Lloyd has becme very close friends with the Bard Elvisda, who has also been his mentor when it came to gettng the lady. As of recently, Lloyd finailly did get the girl, when his relationship with Andrella finally become an engagement! The wedding will be had after the Demon Tower has been destroyed and things settle down.

Lloyd Stealle

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