Maya is a young bronze dragon


Mayattari “Maya” Greymantle

The youngest daughter of the Greymantle family of Bronze Dragons.

Appears in Road to Lukescros.


Maya is fearless, talkative, energetic and outgoing; she is fascinated by people, beautiful things, and small fuzzy animals.
Maya also loves to sing, dance and play music. She has started to study as a bard, being taught initially by the mermaids near her home on Thunderspire Isle, she now travels to the Bardic College at Lukescros.


  • Maya has two sisters, Ves and Ruka.
  • Maya’s father is Rodric.
  • Maya’s mother is Yatharia.
  • Maya has hired two adventurers, Ralitham Quickblade and Brumblestine of Yellcrustir to escort and protect her as she travels to Lukescros for the festival.

Tactics: Being small, Maya focuses on her fly skills and uses her improved maneuverability to good effect. She can easily out fly her older sisters or most other dragons.
Magic Items: Pearl of Friendship


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