Pallas Stealle

Spiritblade, Lieutenant in the Penwick Royal Navy


Pallas is the son of Kratos and Lara Stealle. He is 22 years old, a spiritblade like his father, and a Lieutenant in the Royal Penwick Navy.

The eldest son of the House of Stealle, Kratos felt it his duty to follow in his father’s footsteps. He followed the Path of the Blade and began training both with his dad and at their school in downtown Penwick, the “Stealle School of the Blade”. Once his sister began to train, Pallas spent his time almost exclusively at the school. He studied hard and earned the right to be a spiritblade at the age of 18.

Unlike his father and Lloyd, however, Pallas has more of a penchant for the manipulation of energy similar to his mother. Thus Pallas, although a full fledged spiritblade, was more of a “Blademage” than either his father or brother.

Tall, like the rest of his family, Pallas is more lean and wirey like his father. Nonetheless, he is in excellent shape.

Pallas is also quite bright and has a keen sense of strategy. That helped the young man earn the position of Executive Office on the battleship Avenger at the young age of 22. Pallas is currently unmarried, but is quite dashing looking and is constantly sought after by the ladies of the Penwick court. But Pallas is too career minded to settle down just yet. Or perhaps, no young lady has yet truly caught his eye.

He is currently helping his father to develop the “Stealle” spiritblade style of fighting when he is not out to sea, or at the family dojo.

Pallas secretly looks forward to the return of his younger brother Lloyd so that he can test his mettle against the young man. Pallas was forever pushing his brother, and a healthy rivalry exists to this day between the two.

Pallas Stealle

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