Ruka is a Juvenile Bronze Dragon


Rukastanna “Ruka” Greymantle

The middle daughter of the Greymantle family of Bronze Dragons.

Appears in stories The Road to Vermoorden and The Battle of Fisheye Cove. Also mentioned in Shadow of the Colossus.


Ruka is very mercurial; sometimes she is boisterous and gregarious with an almost manic energy. Other times, she is quiet and intense, with an air of cat-like watchfulness and natural superiority. At these times, her movements are smooth and sinuous prowling, with a feeling of unconcerned menace towards others.
Her stare can be unsettling as her eyes tend to change from green to amber and back again, and often appear with vertical slits (dragon-like) when she is agitated or excited. This is a side effect of her incomplete mastery of the Hidden Strength feat that allows her to tap into her draconic strength and abilities while in alternate form. Whenever she is in combat in an alternate form and tapping her draconic strength, her eyes also seem to glow faintly.
Unlike most Bronze Dragons, Ruka is Chaotic Good, not Lawful. Like her mother, she is considered a ‘throwback’ to ancient wilder dragon blood, or perhaps just insane. For this reason, she has always felt more at home amongst humans than her own kind. At least they are mostly free, not bound by unbearable codes of conduct and not obsessed with ancient prophecies and rules.
Draconic gatherings for festivals and ceremonies would invariably turn into fights with other young dragons, usually with Ruka starting them. Oddly enough lawful good bronze dragons don’t consider the phrase ‘crazy like her mother’ justification for pounding a fellow dragon into the dirt. Ruka eventually stopped going, or if she was expected to, would run away from home. With the experience she gained from her fights and travels, she picked up Ranger favored enemy dragon, power attack and Barbarian rage, and few dragons her own age category, would even talk to her anymore.


  • Ruka has recently developed an unrequited crush on an Elf Swashbuckler named Donatello.
  • Ruka has two sisters, Vestiralana and Maya.
  • Ruka’s father is Rodric.
  • Ruka’s mother is Yatharia.
  • Ruka is friends with a fisherman’s daughter from the village or Ravenford named Meriwynn.


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