Solais Onuava

A mysterious warrior who knows the 'Dread Pirate' fighting style


An orphan from the Eboneye wars, Solais grew up as one of the Children of the Clans, and is a very close friend of Kortiama Ozden.

Solais came to Penwick to challenge the warriors of the Stealle Fighting style school. Since none of the actual Stealle family was in town when she showed up, she easily beat all the students in the school.

Sola fought Lloyd Stealle on his return to Penwick. Lloyd fought very well, and she yielded to him without finishing the fight.
During the fight, she briefly revealed that she knows the ‘Dread Pirate Style’ of fighting before she yielded the match.

Sola has been showing up where ever the Stealles are around, and seems exceptionally interested in Lloyd and his friends.
Solaris stance2


Solais Onuava

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