The Lighting Blade

weapon (melee)

+3 Dragonforged Shocking-Burst Short Sword, “Inazuma”.
AL: NG; Int 17; Wis 10; Cha 17;
Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing;
Ego score 25.
Lesser Powers: Major Image (3/day), Listen (10), Bluff (10);
Greater Powers: Detect Evil (at will);
Special Purpose: Defend Bronze Dragons.
Special ability: absorb and store lightning spells; up to three lightning spells or spell-like effects to a max 15 dice can be stored. Spells can be released by the sword as a standard action. Spells will fade losing 1 die of power every day.
Special ability: Three times per day, the wielder of the sword can maximize and empower lightning based spells and attacks at no additional cost.
Special Quality: Inazuma will deliver all lightning damage to the holder of the sword in addition to the target, including, shock, burst, and released spells. In the past, there have been humans who can attune to the sword and avoid this damage, but the process is unknown even to Inazuma.

As a dragonforged blade, Inazuma can transform with draconic shape alterations, it melds with the form assumed, but its electrical powers are only active when wielded by a humanoid form or when the wielder is in dragon form.


Carved from a single breast scale of a great wyrm, the spirit bound to the sword is one small speck of power of the great dragon Blitstrumarious. Inazuma can only vaguely remember back to his first forming, back when the race of man had just crossed the Sea of Storms, following great flights of bronze dragons to do battle with the demons that had nearly conquered the elves. The entire world was afire in those days. The Great Forest that had covered the lands was all but burned away. Eight great weapons were forged for the kings of man by their draconic allies, and imbued with essence from the most powerful from among the dragons. And like a tempest of destruction the combined forces of dragons and men raised the seas themselves in their assault on the demon hordes. And for a while, oceans and storms covered the lands.

When the waters receded, the demons were gone, and so the age of man began. And men proved to be like the drops of water in the sea. Constantly moving changing, beating on the bedrock of the world to shape it seeming without purpose, but irresistible none the less.

Inazuma passed from man to man, generation to generation, empire to empire and slowly the ancient pacts were forgotten one by one. The dragons retreated from the affairs of men, like the receding oceans; mighty mountains that feared the erosion. They left the main lands to the men and elves, and the eventual conflicts began. It was during the first great elvish-human wars, that Inazuma left the grip of man; literally slipping from his wielders fingers into the depths of the ocean.

Eventually, Blitstrumarious sought him out during one of his rare moments of full awakening during that age. For the ancient dragon had passed beyond great wyrm stage to the twilight meditations. So Inazuma lay in the great treasure vault beneath the sea for uncounted millennia listening to the vague murmurings of his master, whether dreamings or prophesies he knew not which.

Then a spark registered on the sleeping mind. Somehow, one had passed the great wards and entered the treasure chamber, a feat no dragon should have been able to do. And miraculously, Blitstrumarios awoke, not the full, terrible awareness that in ages past would have crushed such interlopers, but a half lifting of one eyelid and a slight rumbling chuckle that shook the roots of the earth itself.

The intruder was no more than an insignificant speck, Inazuma thought. Has dragonkind grown so much smaller, or have I just become used to the Great One? On closer look, he could see it was a bit of both. The dragon was barely more than a wyrmling. How had such a one breached wards that would send the most ancient dragons running with their tails between their legs?


It was not a question, but the little one nodded her head anyway.


With little more explanation than that, Inazuma was repurposed, gifted to a young dragon and sent back out into the world.


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