Adventure Calendar - Iunius 1047

Iunius the 3rd Aksel, Seth, Lloyd and Glorlindir gather at the Inn of the Dying Minotaur and meet Maltar.

Iunius the 4th Visit Bone Hill to search for an Ancient Scroll, killed Gilstench.

Iunius the 5th Found Couch, re-killed Gilstench, trapped Stone Golem, killed Telvar

Iunius the 6th Back to Ravenford, gave Maltar Scroll

Iunius the 7th Killed Maltar’s apprentice (Fliban), resurrected apprentice

Iunius the 8th Trained to third level

Iunius the 9th Went orc-bandit hunting, met Elvisda, found troll cave

Iunius the 10th Explored dungeon complex under cave, found orc-lair, wererats and Celestial Statue

Iunius the 11th Explored more dungeon complex, found Sledge Hammer, smashed Summoning Circle

Iunius the 12th Ran from drow, back to Ravenford, traded Sledge Hammer for Star Sword

Iunius the 13th Trained to fourth level

Iunius the 14th Returned to Bone Hill, freed Golem, mastered Golem Command Ring, restored Golem

Iunius the 15th Encountered Serpent Cult party, killed Voltark, acquired Winged Helm

Iunius the 16th Returned to Ravenford, hid Winged Helm in unknown and forgotten location

Iunius the 17th Trained to fifth level

Iunius the 18th Sailed Endurance to Cape Marlin, met Ves, Ruka, and Maya Greymantle, burned down Light House. (Note, this is Andrella’s actual birthday, so Glo was just lighting the largest birthday candle in Ravenford history.)

Iunius the 19th Recovered shipwreck cargo and Dark Pendant, stopped goblin war party, met Copper Dragon, Calipherous

Iunius the 20th Returned to Ravenford, met Donatello, fought Air Elemental, found Maltar’s journal entry and missing apprentices (Gristla), encountered Sir Fafnar from Dunwynn, assaulted Dunwynn Guard #3, attended Andrella’s party, met Lord Kelvick, fought Serpent Cult, re-killed Voltark

Iunius the 21th Met the fortune teller Elistra. Found talking corpse of Telvar and discovered the cult is on their way to Darkwoods Monolith Met the Knights of the Rose, Dame Alana and Sir Craven. Beat Sir Fafnar in the tourney (barely).

Iunius the 22th Travelling to Vermoorden with Elistra, Alana and Ruka. Sir Craven and Knights of Rose unit follow behind.

Iunius the 23th Travelling to Vermoorden.

Iunius the 24th Arrive at Vermoorden. Visit Inn, Temple and Theater. Agree to get rid of octopus in lake. Scry on Serpent Cult entering Obolesk.

Iunius the 25th Octopus hunt, cleared up-river path. Lose battle of the bands. Craven’s unit arrives. Party must now choose to follow after Serpent Cult as fast as they can, or stay in Vermoorden for a few days and level to 6th level…

Iunius the 26th Trained to sixth level

Iunius the 27th Hired boat; travelled up river. Ambushed by Bhargest, Troll and Goblins. Acquire iron band ring.

Iunius the 28th Travelled up river. Encounter Succubus

Iunius the 29th Travelled up river. Meet with knights company

Iunius the 30th Arrive at Darkwoods Monolith. Party overcomes the puzzles and challenges of the Monolith.

Adventure Calendar – Quintilis 1047

Adventure Calendar - Iunius 1047

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