Adventure Calendar - Quintilis 1047

Quintilis the 1st Battle in the Shadow of the Colossus, killed Fiendish Giant Serpent, and defeated Succubus. Acquire second iron band ring. Party explores chambers beneath Colossus.

Quintilis the 2nd Party discovers green dragon attack has killed most of the Knights of the Rose. Craven is missing. The rogue Seth vanishes without a trace. The warrior Cyclone joins the party.

Quintilis the 3rd Party ambushes and slays Green Dragon guarding entrance to monolith. Aksel and Ruka fly back to Vermoorden. Party finishes exploration of Monolith destroying Animated Statues.

Quintilis the 4th A Royal Lanfor Airship arrives, Elivsda parlays with Princess Anya, and discovers she has some draconic control ability, at least for young dragons. The Colossus control Throne & Crown and the Darkwoods Monolith are destroyed, the Colossus is buried deep in the earth.

Quintilis the 5th Party splits. Calipherous leads Maya and Ruka away to safety to avoid the Dragon Thrall Master. Alana heads off with remaining squires, she cannot in good conscious consort with the Princess of Lanfor after what has happened. The rest of the party board the Dragon Thrall Airship. Baron Gryswold is assassinated.

Quintilis the 6th In the early morning hours, the party discovers Ves is a prisoner of the Airship. They summon Ruka, rescue Ves and jump overboard… The Airship and Dragons chase Vess and Ruka. Party heads east towards Ravenford.

Quintilis the 7th Travel in woods, dispatch Raven familiar to Ravenford to request they send horses. The Battle of Fisheye Cove takes place.

Quintilis the 8th Travel in woods. Receive message about Baron via Raven.

Quintilis the 9th Travel in woods. Kill wymling red dragon that was spying on them.

Quintilis the 10th Reach edge of woods. Encounter half-orcs and hill giants.

Quintilis the 11th Ride to Ravenford

Quintilis the 12th Ride to Ravenford

Quintilis the 13th Arrive at Ravenford, meet with Baroness and begin investigation into assassination.

Quintilis the 14th Ride to Vermoorden Train to seventh level

Quintilis the 15th Ride to Vermoorden. Train to seventh level

Quintilis the 16th Ride to Vermoorden. Train to seventh level

Quintilis the 17th The KoTC investigate Vermoorden for clues about Baron’s murder

Quintilis the 18th Glorlindir, Lloyd, Elvisda and Donatello ride back to Ravenford on Phantom Steeds; meet with Baroness, Qualton & Fafnar. A red dragon attacks Aksel and Seth, and burns down the KOTC hideout in Vermoorden. Aksel, Seth & Martin begin travelling back to Ravenford on horse and dog mounts.

Quintilis the 19th Donatello ‘Dragonfriend’ meets with Almar the Druid. Glorlindir, Lloyd, Elvisda and Donatello travel through Maltar’s teleportation circle to Tarrsmorr with Fafnir and his lackeys. Aksel, Seth & Martin travel back to Ravenford.

Quintilis the 20th KoTC and Fafnar’s group battle Flesh Golems and malicious Monkey. After Fafnar nearly dies, he is teleported away to safety by minion. KoTC visits Temple of Alaric. Aksel, Seth & Martin travel back to Ravenford. First Vampire victim is found in Ravenford.

Quintilis the 21th Aksel, Seth & Martin arrive at Ravenford and begin investigating the Vampire attacks for the Baroness. Rest of KoTC spend day exploring and shopping in Tarrsmorr waiting for planets to align so they can use the Teleportation Rings in Gaither’s Tower. They purchase an Axiomatic Blade for Lloyd and they spend night in Slumbering Dragon Inn where they acquire a mysterious box left behind by Maltar in the care of the Inn Keeper.

Quintilis the 22th Aksel and Seth investigate the attacks in Ravenford discover Qualton is missing and up to no good; also a ‘town meeting’ is planned for the next day to help flush out the Vampire. The rest of KoTC finish their shopping and meet with the odd halfling wizard Franzire. They acquire magic spell scrolls and some useful information, but inadvertently let slip that Rodric Greymantle has draconic children.

Quintilis the 23th By early morning, the planets are in proper alignment for the KoTC to use Gaither’s Teleportation Rings to return to Restenford. Donatello is whisked away ‘elsewhere’

Quintilis the 24th Vampire hunt

Quintilis the 25th Companions train to 8th level.

Quintilis the 26th The Invasion of Ravenford. The companions head to Tarrsmorr via the Teleporter circle. Seth caught in Gaither’s Teleporter trap. Party follows, meets aspect of Gaither and are teleported to Lukescros. Smash thieves guild, ‘gun down’ old lady in street, set bouncer on fire, spot Ves and have a moral crisis.

Quintilis the 27th Travelled to Vermoorden. Attacked Tavern, and found no assassins. Attacked keep, destroyed shrine and found heart.

Quintilis the 28th The Knights of the Couch take over the town, Elvisda named new Lord Mayor. The town is renamed Graceland

Quintilis the 29th Train to 9th level and consolidate hold on town. Aksel converts Basmir to the cause of good.

Quintilis the 30th Secretly travel to Ravenford on phantom steeds, liberate the Baron’s body from his tomb and raise him from the dead. Travel back to Graceland.

Adventure Calendar – Sextilis 1047

Adventure Calendar - Quintilis 1047

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