Ages of the World

The history of the world is generally divided into four ages. The first of which is the Age of Dragons. The second is the Age of Titans, the third is the Age of Fey, and the fourth and current age is the Age of Gods.

In each of the ages, one of the greater metallic dragon families had brought into the world allies to help champion the endless battle with the demons.

The Gold Dragons chose the Titans, hugely powerful lords of elemental forces, but they were too chaotic, and the inevitable dragon-titan war shook the world to its foundation ending the Age of Titans.

The Silver Dragons chose the Elves, masters of arcane lore who created great seals of magic to bind the demons; but eventually they were corrupted and the seals were shattered ending the Age of Fey.

The Bronze Dragons chose Man, and a new type of magic was brought into the world; the power of the divine. From the ranks of mankind, great heroes stepped forth, wielding the full power of the faith of their comrades and kin.

Ages of the World

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