On the Isle of Namlon, the temple of the Moon Goddess was famous for its wise and accurate seers. Over a period of three centuries before the sinking of the Isle, it is said that the seer selected to be the oracle always looked the same, a young blonde girl with penetrating violet eyes. And this seer was always named Arinna.

The seers of the temple spread the rumors that it was actually the same girl, blessed by the Goddess with eternal youth and the power to see into men’s souls.

Such was the fame of the Oracle of Namlon, that the Mad Emperor Narodon did not sack the temple as was his wont. Instead he spared the temple and isle town; and he sought the advise of the Seer Arinna.

The Seer Arinna was directly responsible for the Emperor selecting the tenth member of his council, Xantos.
And later it is said that she was instrumental in the Emperor summoning the Moon Goddess herself.

The Seer Arinna was killed along with all the inhabitants of the Isle in the war between the Empire and the Silver Alliance.


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