Clans of the Pirate Coast

Before the time of the Baleful Moon, a great empire of man spanned all of Laurentia. The southern coastal and mountain areas of the empire were populated by a people known as the Saricordi. Proud craftsmen and powerful warriors, the Saricordi were wealthy and prosperous. Their grand cities dotted the beautiful and bountiful countryside. The cataclysm of the moon-fall that plunged all the world into chaos was far worse for the Saricordi whose homeland was near the epicenter of the event.
Their lands broken and poisoned beyond habitable, the peoples of the Saricordi fled, but there was no where for them to go in a world torn.

Nowhere on land that is. The goddess Zesstara granted them dominion of the place between sea and sky, the surface of the oceans. This grant has never been acknowledged by the Ralnai and has been vehemently disputed by other peoples. But the seas became the homes and divinely granted domain to a people displaced. So the Saricordi people became sea raiders and began to take tribute from those who trespass across their domain. Tribute in not just goods and money, but in blood and people.

Over the last millenia, the bloodlines of the Saricordi have thinned and mixed with those of other peoples of man and even other races. Very little is left of the original Saricordi and their fierce traditions have degenerated into mere piracy. And so they are known as the Pirate Clans.

Originally, there were fifteen Clans of Saricordi, each of which were given a Mandate of the Sea by the Goddess. Of the fifteen, thirteen survive today. Several of these thirteen Clans were completely wiped out, only to have their Mandate and name taken up by others who continue their raiding with no trace of the original Saricordi blood.

Little is know about the objects known as Mandates of the Seas. In addition to granting the tribe the rights to claim all upon the waves, they are each unique and powerful artifacts in their own right.

Each Clan has their own rules of succession of the Chief Captain, Pirate Lord and holder of the Mandate. Some are hereditary while others involve combat, ritual or captain elections.

The thirteen Clans are the Archite, Dasatis, Fleckeri, Galocerd, Isangrim, Javanicor, Liocarcin, Lipotide, Poruso, Ramulos, Rostunger, Sphyrena, and Xiphee.

The Thirteen are a loose federation of Clans usually with intense rivalry and little to do with each other. They gather every three years to discuss issues that affect the entire Pirate Nation. On rare occasions, a Pirate King arises who can unite the entire nation for a great raid.

The Thirteen Clans


Symbol: Amber squid grasping upward on a field of indigo
Lord Captain Aoife Eterskel (human, female) Captain Eterskel is a master of both sword and magic. Her victories are known to be both decisive and cruel. She refuses to be known as Lady Captain and has been know to pin men’s private parts to the yard arm for such mention.
Known Ships (6): Night Executioner (flagship), Black Damnation, Doom Gail, Devils Whore, Emperors Curse, Annihilation Whip.


Symbol: Ebon stingray on a field of white
Lady Captain Kortiama Ozden (human, female) Captain Ozden is a very young woman, just barely old enough to take the title of ship captain, yet she is captain of the Dasatis fleet of ships. She has long black hair, dark bright eyes and a wide mouth that lights up her face when she smiles, something she has been doing very little of since she took command.
Kortiama is the daughter of the Pirate King Eboneye, who died shortly after she was born, but not before placing the Mandate of the Seas upon her; declaring her the next leader of the Dasatis. Her mother, Liadha Rowan is a witch of the Ramulos clan, and as such could not raise the next leader of the Dasatis, so Kortiama was raised by her uncle Tharn.
Eboneye (human, male, deceased) Born Berngal Ozden, the powerful and charismatic leader of the Dasatis took the name Eboneye when he united the Pirate Clans and led them to countless victories up and down the coast until he vanished during the ransacking of a northern city. He was the father of Kortiama, and husband of the witch Liadha. He had two younger brothers, Rikton and Tharn.
Captain Tharn Ozden (human, male, deceased) The youngest brother of Eboneye, Tharn was named Lord Captain of the Dasatis until Eboneye’s daughter came of age. He was known to be hard but fair to both his men and those who surrender to his ships, but merciless to his enemies. He never had any children of his own, but raised his niece Kortiama and also adopted an orphan girl Solais to be Korti’s companion.
Captain Rikton Ozden (human, male) After the passing of Eboneye, Rikton was expected to be named next Lord Captain, but Eboneye’s decree named Tharn. This has created a rift between him and his brother. He is a powerful blade-master, a notoriously strict and cruel captain and exceptionally loyal to his clan. While serving Eboneye, Rikton is said to have plucked out his own left eye and presented it to the Pirate King as a gift to prove his loyalty. He is very interesting in locating the lost artifacts of Eboneye, especially the eye itself.
Solais Onuava (human, female) brought back as a babe from one of Eboneye’s raids. Solais was adopted by Tharn Ozden to be a companion of his niece Kortitama. She took the surname Onuava from a servant woman who helped raise the girls.
Known Ships (10): Midnight Manta (flagship), Blood Tears, Red Cry, Black Cat, Dark Halo, Providence Moon, Radiant Harmony, Honors Break, Fortuitous Air, Inescapable Mercy.


Symbol: White jellyfish on a field of indigo
Lord Captain Fitheal Caitchenn (human, male) Captain Caitchenn is a master bowman of legendary prowess. It is said he can take out the captain of an enemy ship at a mile distance. He is also a known gambler who can rarely refuse a bet or a fair lass, and anything that involves both is irresistible. He is a tall, dark, slender man with broad shoulders, piercing dark eyes and an easy smile.
Known Ships (8): Bedlam Bolt (Flagship), Damned Saber, Dark Compass, Exodus Gambit, Glorious Night, Divine Poet, Devil Cutlass, Parrots Pride.


Symbol: Azure shark on a field of gray
Lord Captain Hahe Gidemoya (human, male) Captain Gidemoya is a wizard who rains fire and death down on his enemies. He is a brilliant tactician and master or both illusion and evocation. He is a large, stout man with a broad round face and beady eyes. He dresses in embroidered silks of bright and garish colors.
Known Ships (12): Wandering Doom (flagship), Death Plunderer, Silent Strike, Destiny Vigil, Blood Mine, High Hope, Annihilator, Iron Victory, Cheerful Beast, Keen Stiletto, Mother Destroyer, Unwise Vigilance, Widows Lament.


Symbol: Argent finned wolf on a field of blue
Lady Captain Bellicia Talowcarn (human, female) Captain Talowcarn is a tall woman of striking beauty. She has long pale blond hair perpetually tied up in a tight bun. She wears outfits styled after old imperial uniforms, but perfectly tailored to her statuesque feminine figure. Her voice can crack like a whip across a ship’s deck, and her piercing blue eyes can stop a man in his tracks.
Known Ships (7): Night Howl (flagship), Fallen Wolf, Ruby Eyes, Shadow Fang, Blood Curse, Moon Brand, Brutal Luck.


Symbol: Bright emerald eel on a field of deep blue
Lady Captain Nichelle Resh (human, female) Captain Resh is a slight, young woman with bright red hair and faint freckles. She seems to continuously burst with unrestrained energy, her green eyes dancing from place to place. She has a great love of heights and is often found in the rigging or crows nest. She dresses in bright green or blue, often quite scantily. Elle as she is know to her close confidants is well loved by her crews who frequently chant her name.
Known Ships (11): Rebellious Maiden (flagship), Sudden Doom, Black Trident, Serpents Tail, Sanity Inquisitor, Holy Contemplation, Mystic Ruby, Revolution Ember, Chastity Gallows, Brutal Faith, Unspeakable Tale.


Symbol: Blue crab on a field of amber
Lord Captain Esunertus Ciabhan (human, male) Captain Ciabhan is a sharp, thin man, with a pinched face, hooked nose and a perpetual frown. He is often soft spoken, but his crew knows that is when he is at his most dangerous. He is also a very powerful cleric of the Goddess Zesstara.
Known Ships (8): Devils Claw (flagship), Blood Pride, Hapless Slaughter, Madman’s Rift, Cunning Drake, Angry Horn, Glorious Gauntlet.


Symbol: Gray dolphin leaping on a field of azure
Lord Captain Xaver Eriergzot (human, male) Captain Zot as he is known, is a charming, bold and carefree seeming man, with an contagious grin and quick tongue, he can be both witty and irritating at the same time. He often plays the fool around the other Lord Captains, but he is actually very clever. He is also an infamous womanizer and takes great enjoyment in the wooing and conquering any woman’s heart.
Known Ships (13): Maidens Cry (flagship), Dirty Knave, Mermaids Wink, Lusty Jewel, Courtesan Smile, Sudden Destiny, Harlots Shadow, Dancing Peach, Salty Seraphim, Winsome Wench, Virgins Remedy, Forgotten Smoke, Bad Monkey.


Symbol: Dark green crocodile on a field of amber
Lord Captain Sedullus Fertai (human, male) Captain Fertai is a huge powerful man who is said to be able to shatter the hulls of enemy ships with his great hammer. He has a dark black beard that seems sprout from his chin like an axe blade, His dark eyes are framed by bushy eye brows
Known Ships (11): Gilded Noose (flagship), Cunning Cleaver, Traitor Spear, Tempest Princess, Blood Bounty, Thoughtful Wench, Saucy Sylph, Sacred Maelstrom, Vicious Innocence, Defiant Eyes, Spectral Journeyman.


Symbol: Amber sea horse on a field of deep azure
Lady Captain Cassala Rowan (human, female) Captain Rowan is a willowy woman with short dark hair, pale skin and large dark eyes that sparkle like jewels. Her features have a faint fey cast to them, and her ears are slightly pointed. She loves to sing, and has a powerful beautiful voice that is said be able to charm the most dreaded sea monsters. Most of the crew of her flagship also perform, and the eerie sound of their battle chants can unnerve the most hardened enemy ship.
Captain Liadha Rowan (human, female) Liadha is a witch of great power, the widow of the Pirate King Eboneye, the mother of Kortiama Ozden and aunt of Cassala Rowan. A young seeming woman; as with most witches she is considerably older than she looks. Her sable hair and porcelain skin frame coal black eyes that are said to be able to drain a man’s soul. Her long black hair grows and moves as she wills, and rumors say she can kill ten men at once with it. Her ship is the Dark Raider, and other clan ships are fearful of her with good reason, but she is always pleasant and polite in the company of her daughter or niece.
Known Ships (11): Dawn Glow (flagship), Scurvy Cutlass, Oceans Pearl, Dark Raider, Foam Lady, Sunrise Seeker, Drunken Tide, Coral Knight, Wave Kite, Witch Wave, Triumphant Thunder.


Symbol: Purple walrus on a field of light blue
Lord Captain Spomantuf Frymanad (human/dragonhalf, male) Captain Frymanad is a descendant of the dragon Kengalosak. He stands about eight foot tall with glittering bronze scaled skin, a large fanged mouth and two large horns on his head. His most human feature is his striking blue eyes. He is also surprising eloquent and well spoken for such a fierce looking individual.
He is a frenzied berserker in combat, and is fearsome to behold. Most of his crews also use barbaric rage forms of combat, and the Rostunger is one of the most feared clans on the seas.
Kengalosak (Bronze Dragon, male, deceased) Two hundred years ago, Kengalosak decided conquer the Rostunger and become a pirate, he sailed and raided for fifty years before he was slain by his younger sister Yatharia during the Thrall Wars. But his wanton ways left many half-blooded descendants among all the pirate clan.
Those with overt draconic features often come to the Rostunger where they are not only accepted, but welcome. So there are half-bloods of many of the dragon races among the Rostunger, especially those of chromatic ancestry who are often not as trusted in other societies.
Known Ships (8): Eternal Journey (flagship), Destiny Discord, Bone Scribe, Wicked Beginning, Curious Bride, Fatal Kindness, Eternal Fortune, Infamy’s Sister.


Symbol: Silver barracuda on a field of azure
Lord Captain Laheedizhjm Tsughko (human/Aqelf, male) Captain Tsughko is tall and handsome with striking green hair and strong elvish features. He is a master fencer and dualist, with a propensity for chatter and cutting remarks while fighting.
Known Ships (9): Lightning Death (flagship), Spirit of the Sea, Dodging Dirk, Omen Skull, Final Remedy, Hope’s Pretender, Devastation Lance, Fortunes Blight, Angels Summit


Symbol: Azure swordfish on a field of purple
Lady Captain Kerys Sesnan (human, female) Captain Sesnan has long, curly untamed golden hair that escapes from her winged helm and flows about her like a halo framing her tanned face and bright blue eyes. She tends to wear little more than bracers, a chain bikini top and skirted girdle, and uses a great crimson spear named Foe Piercer.
Known Ships (10): Sword of the South (flagship), Wandering Strumpet, Satin Glove, Lovely Angel, Pleasures Portal, Forgotten Spirit, Cunning Courtesy, Crystal Fortune, Deaths Poet, Sorrows Bane.

Clans of the Pirate Coast

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