The current city of Corundia is built upon the site of the Pax Draconis, the treaty that ended the first of the Elder Dragon Wars that regulated the chromatic dragons to the continent of Raelvalan in the north, and the metallic dragons to Lyrvalen in the south. Almost all of the legendary monuments and temples that were built here by the ancients were crushed to pale skeletal ruins dotting the landscape during the War of the Titans.
Small corundia area
The only original structure from the time of dragons remaining is the Arch of Reconciliation, a huge spiral of mystic metal that spans the river Serendal. Even the wrath of the titans could not bring this immense thousand foot span of crimson and gold down.

At the footing of the arch on each bank stands a temple complex. Originally constructed to represent the promise of reconciliation between the draconic families, the Temples of the Arch have in recent millennial been rebuilt and rededicated by the current human inhabitants to the study and worship of the ancient dragons. As one end of the arch is predominantly red, and the other gold, the temples have polarized into the Aureole and Amaranth orders. Overt conflict between the two orders are rare, since both acknowledge the peaceful intent of the Arch, but secular differences and competition maintain a constant level of friction in the city.

The arch is also a focal point of rogue dragon activity. Flying through the arch, is an act both symbolic, and with some measure of mystical significance for the dragons. It is thought that chromatic dragons who wish to enter the Isle of Thac can bypass the ancient wards of Wyrms Watch by invoking the older magic of the Arch of Reconciliation.

As such, Corundia has become the gathering point of not just draconic scholars and fanatics, but warrior orders dedicated to fighting and slaying dragons.


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