Flying Board

Fling Boards are often called Striker Boards since they are used by the Striker unit of the Lanfor Queen’s Airguard. Every board is custom built for each guardsman and range in length between five and seven feet and between twenty four and thirty inches wide at the widest point.

Flying board

Crafted at the Kunhei Shrine in the mountains near Zentra, the boards are hand shaped from white mountain ash trees. The boards are soaked for several weeks in vats of specially prepared alchemic resins and then inset with a psychic crystal.

Each flying board is attuned to its rider in an overnight ritual at the shrine. Controlling a board and acquiring the Board Mastery feat requires several months practice, although a few exceptional individuals have been known to do it in a few weeks or even days.

The boards fly and move only at the will of their masters and their speed and maneuverability is based on the rider’s fly skill. The base speed of a Flying Board is 30 feet per round, but board masters can increase this speed considerably. The boards can hover in place indefinitely.

The ritual to attune a board is a carefully guarded secret and requires special spells. A Spellcraft check of thirty five is required to figure out how to recreate the ritual and a week of study for each attempt.

Board Mastery

Prerequisite: A flying board ritually attuned to the user
Exclusions: The level of attention, focus and training required to master a flying board excludes individuals with familiars, cohorts, animal companions or class-granted mounts.
Benefit: A board master becomes one with his board and can use his fly skill to move a board faster and with greater maneuverability.

Fly Ranks Board Control Base Speed Control Range
0-3 standard action 30’ touch
4-7 move action 60’ touch
8-11 swift action 90’ touch
12-15 free action 120’ 120’
16-19 immediate action 150’ 1 mile
20+ special 200’ unlimited
A board master who has accrued at least 4 ranks flying with his board can hustle by using a double move action. Concentrating on moving this way is still tiring and subject to normal movement fatigue.

With 8 ranks he can direct his board as a swift action while performing a full round action. A board master with at least 8 ranks who chooses to use a move action gets a +10 speed increase.

Once a rider trains for twelve ranks learning to master his board, the flying board seems to take on a mind of its own and it can sense its rider’s desires up to a range of 120 feet and move on its own as a free action on the rider’s turn.

When a board master has trained at least sixteen ranks with his board it gains a preternatural sense to danger. By expending an immediate action, the board can move up to its base speed to protect its rider, granting a +5 dodge bonus to armor class, a +5 circumstance bonus to reflex saves and evasion to anyone on the board. After using an immediate action, a board can only be moved by a move action the next round.

The ultimate board master who has dedicated twenty ranks into his board also imparts a portion of his spirit. The board gains mental statistics equal to its master, and can act on its own initiative with a +10 to initiative. The board grants a continuous +5 dodge, +5 reflex save bonus and evasion with no action cost to its master.

Board Mastery also grants Fly as a class skill. But only time spent with the board, measured in actual skill ranks apply to increasing board control, not bonuses such as class skill, traits or abilities.

Normal: A Use Magic Device check is required for a non-board master to move a board. A rider can move a board as a standard action in this manner with the UMD result rounded down to the nearest five feet indicating the distance moved.

Flying Board

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