Glo Tells Anya Off

As Glorfindel continued his heated discussion with Anya, he felt a tug on his robes. He turned to see the Sorcerer Corso holding onto his sleeve. He looked at the mage with obvious annoyance at being interrupted. “You’re blowing it,” Corso whispered.

“What?” Glorfindel said a bit too loudly.

“Is something wrong?” the Princess said from her makeshift throne.

Glo turned back to her and said, “No, your highness. Please give me a moment.” Then he turned back to the red robed mage and whipsered in an angry tone, “What do you mean by that?”

Corso responded quite calmly, unruffled by the wizard’s temper, “Take a look around you,” he replied softly. “While you stand here bickering with the Princess, your supporters are getting impatient to the point where they might be losing faith in you.”

Glorfindel took a quick look around the room. Lord Grellus and Hightower sat with the Penwick contingent. Hightower looked very uncomfortable, and Grellus, never good at hiding his emotions, was staring at him with open anger. Then Glo looked over at the Dunwynn group. Fafnar was shaking his head. He could just hear the fop thinking, “Damn elf. Will they ever learn their place?”

Glo looked back at Corso realizing the mage was right. But the wizard was still angry that this “outsider” had so easily seen what the elf had not. “Is that all?” Glo asked peevishly.

“Well,” Corso added, “your party is also a bit fragmented and it is not helping your cause. Your Swashbuckler and Bard seem obsessed with the Princess.” Glo looked over and saw Donnie, still seated next to Anya, was enthralled. He was giving her his best “smouldering” look while she was rubbing her hand up and down his arm. Meanwhile, Elvisda, seated in the crowd, was glaring at the two. The wizard imagined the bard was fantasying about getting the Princess alone and using the ring of Baleful Polymorph on her that Glo was making for him.

He turned back to Corso who continued, “Your Warblade seems distracted in his own thoughts, as does your Dragoon.” Glo glanced over to Lloyd. The big man was seated next to the beautiful Amazonian Kara. He seemed very taken with her. But he kept on glancing back to where Andrella sat next to her father. He had a torn look on his face. Then the wizard looked over at Cyclonne. The dragoon sat lazily in his seat, fingering the point of his lance. He looked positively bored.

He looked back to red robed mage once more who finished with, “And it’s obvious that your Cleric despises the Princess to the point where it is making him careless. He told her far too much about your friend Elistra. All in all, if you don’t all get back onto the same page, your cause will be lost.” With that, the Sorcerer stepped back and away from the Wizard.

“Are you quite done yet?” came Anya’s voice. “I am getting bored up here.” The wizard turned towards the Princess and she was taken aback. There was a fire in the elf’s eyes that had not been there a moment ago. And when he spoke, there was a steely edge to his voice that had also not been there. What had the red robed mage said to have this affect on the wizard?

“You know what your highness?” Glorfindel said strongly. “We are done here! I am wasting my time with you when I should be concentrating on saving our friend, the Lady Fairwind. In fact, we all should be!” he finished emphatically looking around at his companions. They all turned and looked back at the wizard as if shocked by his sudden transformation.

“As far as I am concerned your majesty,” the elf continued, “you can keep those cursed artifacts, for all the good they will do you. You dare not use the skull, and I’m sure that no matter what bargain we strike here, you will keep the scroll anyway. That is just your nature. Now, you will excuse me. I am going to see the Duke of Dunwynn to find out more about our friend, Lady Fairwind.” With that, the elf turned and began to stride towards the door.

“Do you really think that is a good idea?” Anya’s voice came from over his shoulder. “After all, there is still a warrant for your arrest.”

Without turning, he shot back, “I don’t really care. But if they do throw me in jail, then we’ll just see how long it takes you to get your crystal shard back!”

As he reached the door, the Princess yelled, “Fine then! You win. I’ll rescind the warrants!”

“Better do it quick Princess!” Glo yelled back. “I’ll be at the Dunwynn manor in a few minutes!” And with that he shut the door and stormed out of the Lanfar manor.

As he strode across the lawn towards the Dunwynn house, the rest of the companions came running after him. “What got into you back there?” Elvisda asked half out of breath from catching up with the wizard.

“A certain red robed mage pointed out to me what an idiot I have been,” Glo responded still walking.

“That must have been quite a speech to get you so fire up there!” Cyclonne added.

“It was,” Glo admitted, still walking.

Suddenly Donnie caught up with the crew. He held a paper in his hand. “A letter from the Princess of Lanfar rescinding her request to have us arrested!” he cried.

“Nice,” Aksel said approvingly.

“Oh, and Baron Grellus, Lord Hightower, and Fafnar are about twenty steps behind us,” the swashbuckler added. They all turned and saw the Penwick and Dunwynn nobles walking briskly to catch up with them. They stopped and waited.

When the nobles reached them, Grellus was the first to speak. “I owe you an apology. All of you. I thought you were going to spend all night bickering with that Princess while Fairwind remained missing. I should have known better.”

“No your lordship,” Glorfindel replied, “we should have known better. Your wife’s safety should be, and is, our first priority.”

Just then Corso came walking up to them, his rogue sidekick Kira in tow. “Nice speech there,” was all he said.

“Thanks to you,” Glo replied warmly. “You know, if you’ve got nothing better to do, we could use your services. And maybe you could occasionally point it out to us when our moral compass starts drifting once again.”

“I’ll consider it,” Corso replied with a small smile.

“Well then gentlemen,” Glo told them all, “let’s go see the Duke. Sir Fafnar, if you would.” The Dunwynn knight smiled briefly and then led the party through the gates of Dunwynn manor to see Lord Kelvick.

Glo Tells Anya Off

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