Glorfindle Reads the Journal

After looking over Maltar’s Journal, Glo was perplexed. He surmised that the succubus the group had run into on the way to the Darkwood Monolith must have first gone after Maltar. He also realized, there were a lot of references in the journal that he should know with his knowledge of history, but it was not immediately coming to him. He must have been otherwise distracted.

A little while later, Glo began to wonder whether the undead Thrall Master was male or female. It was interesting that the face they had seen in that dark crystal was a woman’s face. That face had been decidedly evil and reeked of power. He remembered retrieving the crystal from the Barghist they had killed on the trip to the monolith. And it did not take a genius to realize that the succubus appeared only a short time later after they had found the crystal. The infernal creature had followed them all the way to the monolith and had most likely reported their every move to her master.

Anyway, Glo thought, what I really need to find is a good library. A few days of research and study would go a long way to clear up some of these mysteries. And perhaps might even help with the search for the Baron’s Heart which had hit a standstill once again. Poor Gryswold. Only 12 more days till they could no longer resurrect him.

With that thought, Glo put Maltar’s journal away and fell into the trance that passed for sleep for a Gray Elf.

Glorfindle Reads the Journal

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