Golem Master's Treasure - Part I

Crystal Elf Animated Object
A life-size figure of an elf woman carved of translucent blue crystal steps from the far room carrying a silver platter on which contains some bread and cheese and a silver goblet with some clear liquid in it. She holds the tray out to all who enter.
The food is nourishing if bland and contains enough for three people for a day.
Any attempt to take the tray, or remove the crystal elf from the room will cause her to attack. (AC: 15; DR: 5/blunt; HD: 6d8+24, 51hp; Attack: ’+8/8/1d6+3) Upon reaching zero HP, the figure will shatter doing 2d6 damage to all within 20’. The crystal shards created would be worth 200gp to a glass maker.

Tray of Plenty
The silver tray and goblet can Create Food and Water as the 3rd level cleric spell, once per day (5,400gp).

Chest 1
800 gold pieces
A small masterpiece portrait in gold frame inlaid with opal (500gp)
A silver crown with opal inlay (1,100gp)
Three ivory scroll cases
Scroll of Stone to Flesh (A; 1,650gp),
Scroll of Blade Barrier (D; 1,650gp),
Scroll of Greater Dispel Magic (D; 1,625gp)
A large silver brooch – Brooch of Shielding (1,500gp, 53 points left, D250)

Chest 2
1,200 gold pieces
A pair of adamantine armbands with filigree carvings (200gp)
A silver plated scabbard with jet cabochons (400gp)
A pair of red leather gloves with black striations – Gloves of Greater Spell Disruption (1,000gp, M107)
A small flask of white liquid – Potion of Shield of Faith (+3, 300gp)

Chest 3
400 gold pieces
A carnelian gemstone (40gp)
A life-size darkwood cat sculpture with yellow topaz eyes (800gp)
A carved darkwood harp with ivory inlay and zircon gems (500gp)
A glowing Fire Opal – Phoenix Ash Threat, Least (500gp, augment crystal, +1 fire damage)
A 10-inch wand of rotted wood – Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (10 charges, 150gp)

Golem Master's Treasure - Part I

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