Baron Gryswold Avernos

  • Gryswold was the ruler of Ravenford and the surrounding lands.
  • Gryswold was assassinated in the late evening hours of Quintilis the 5th. His heart was cut out and taken away; oddly there was very little blood.
  • It was determined that a special Assassin ritual, Soul Bind Ritual was used.


  • Although he called himself a Baron, he was in fact a Baronet as he did not have the right of Peerage in the Council of Lords. Gryswold was the fourth son of the Baron of Penwick; he had to fight to win his own lands and titles. He was a fighter of some renown in his younger days. He was awarded the titles to the Town of Ravenford when he slew the Dragon Ullarak who had slain the previous Baron.
  • In his adventuring days he travelled with Maltar, who was the town wizard for many years. Although in later years, Maltar had grown more distant and dissatisfied with the arrangement.


  • In his mid-forties, Gryswold is 6’2”, 210 lbs with brown hair and beard and blue eyes. He wears simple finery of a military cut. He is powerfully built, and always wears his flaming sword at his belt, although in recent times he has called forth the flames more for ceremony than combat.
  • Direct, assertive and confident, Gryswold is smart enough to defer to his councilors in areas outside his expertise. The concerns with the town, his lack of sons, and estrangement from Maltar have recently made him short tempered, but he is truly concerned with the well-being of all in his care. In these troubling times, his main point of stability is his wife, Gracewynn.


  • Gryswold had a flame tongue longsword.


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