The last free city on the northern end of the Pirate Coast, Kaniron sits in the shadow of the Blood Storm Mountain. The Firebirds of the Mountain protect the city by attacking any ships approaching the city that are not escorted by a Priestess of Zharpitza to placate them.

In spite of the danger of the Firebirds, the city is a busy trading port. It is a relatively safe and neutral port for the merchanter clans and the pirate tribes to trade, both of who hire priestess of Zharpitza for their regular movement of goods. Although personal confrontations between the two are common, large scale violence is avoided since it rapidly draws the attention of the Firebirds.

City of kaniron2

Kaniron has a population of about 10,000, 85% of which are human; 10% are elvish and 4% gnomish.

The Blood Storm Mountain is one of the few known sources of Bloodstone Rubies, and ancient abandoned mines catacomb the mountain. Since it may anger the great Firebird God, any attempt to enter the mines is an offence punishable by death.

The last group to successfully mine the mountain were the forces of the Narodon Empire. Lord Xantos used the rivalry between the Firebird God Zharpitza and the Thunderbird God Animikii to deceive the birds into conflict while the empire profited.


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