Knights Argentum

The Knights Argentum is a legendary order of Silver Dragons. They were the enforcers of the Supreme Draconic Council, during the Demon Wars. After the last war they fell into decline and were not heard from for centuries.

During the time of the third great human empire, a Silver Dragon, named Argazephari reformed the Knights Argentum with a handful of young adult silver dragons.

The Knights Argentum allied with the Council of the Fey and several orders of human knights against the Mad Emperor Narodon. This was in direct violation of orders from the Draconic Council, and since then the Knights Argentum has been an independent organization.

Argazephari is commonly know as Silverwind, and the alliance became known as the Silver Alliance.

The Knights Argentum have officially broken all ties with the Draconic Council, and act on their own interpretations of justice and draconic law. But it has been speculated by scholars that both Silverwind and the Knights secretly serve some members of the council doing things the council cannot either perform or condone.

All of the Silver Dragons in the Knights Argentum have a ‘partner’, typically an elf caster, who they train and work with at all times.

With the exception of Silverwind, the dragons in the Knights Argentum range from young adult to mature adult. Typically juvenile dragons join the Order as pages, squires and finally junior knights. The dragon knights who survive a few centuries in the order usually retire when their partners become too old to continue. And unfortunately, the ranks of the Knights Argentum have dwindled in recent times.

The last time the Knights Argentum became involved in the affairs of the world was the Thrall Wars. This was a terrible and tragic event that devastated both the Order’s ranks and reputation. A full three quarters of the Knights were slain during the war, but worse many were enthralled and fought on the side of the Dragon Master. The Knights Argentum became the most fearsome of the Lord Thrall’s minions.

Many of the enthralled silver dragons were slain by the berserk storm dragon, Yatharia. Although Silverwind never succumbed to the power of the Thrall Lords, due to a misunderstanding during the final battle with the Dragon Master, Silverwind himself battled Yatharia. Some say the battle was unresolved, but others say that Silverwind himself would have fallen to the younger storm berserker dragon that day if not for the intervention of the Arch Magi known as Greymantle.

Knights Argentum

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