Knights of the Rose

Knights of the Rose, Order of the White Company

Sir Nigel Oxbow, Lord Protector
Heraldic: White Rose on Blue

Sir Rothar Benefilla, Knight Grand Master
Heraldic: Hawk with Red Rose in Talon on a Field of Light Blue
Father of Sir Renardo and Dame Alana

Dame Aura Covenshire, Knight Commander
Heraldic: Gold Sunburst on White

Sir Gavelle Cinder, First Knight
Heraldic: Three Stars on Indigo

Sir Stolay Bramblehew, Exemplar
Heraldic: Black Bear
Squire: Mikal

Sir Renardo Benefilla, Justiciar
Heraldic: Hawk Diving
Squire: Emar

Sir Rothar Deszari, Chevalier
Heraldic: Crimson Fox
Squire: Tessa

Dame Alana Benefilla, Guardian
Heraldic: Gold Griffin
Squire: Syndir

Sir Nickar Bluefen, Guardian
Heraldic: Clover
Squire: Luke

Dame Scalata Jadesti, Warder
Heraldic: Circle
Squire: Zeph

Sir Craven Amberfield, Warder
Heraldic: Moon
Squire: Lamorn
Troops: 5 LC

Dame Tibia Palentir, Warder
Heraldic: Silver Dragon
Squire: Thea

Dame Pattela Littengos, Defender
Heraldic: Black Griffin
Squire: Ratch

Dame Semina Darkspear, Defender
Heraldic: Dove
Squire: Gardon
Troops: 3 HC

Sir Condyle Othedgen, Defender
Heraldic: Harp
Squire: Proctor

Sir Tennon Halgentir, Defender
Heraldic: White Stallion
Squire: Pantara

Knights of the Rose

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