Letters to the Empress

To Ixil, my sweet breath of life in the darkness,

Fear not this so called ‘silver alliance’.

We always knew the elvish nations would stir from their forest eventually. I had hoped for another decade of foolish fey debate, but we are ready for them.

The movement of Silverwind and the Knights Argentum is a concern, but as Valgar promised, that has roused the ire of the Quinary to counter them. I do not believe the Draconic Council would risk breaking pact over some ‘trivial human aggression’.

Our empire is strong and we have righteousness on our side. As proof, Xantos has successfully gotten the support of the Thul Dannin, who have pledged a golden winged flight to our cause.

And as always, the glorious weapon draws ever nearer to completion.

I now travel to secure an alliance from far above even the cloud fortresses of our silver adversaries.

As I have promised, I shall lay the world at your feet. And in addition, perhaps I shall bring you the Moon.

The servant of your heart,

My Dearest Ixil,
Do not believe what you are hearing. I am forever faithful to you in spirit. I would come to you, but the war presses closely and there is much I have learned that fills my heart with dread.

The Seer Arinna delivered all she promised and more. We have gained not just a war ally in the Goddess of the Moon, but a true companion against a terrible destruction of our own making.

For the first time in decades my head feels clear, yet my soul is now clouded.

If what I now fear is true, we may be following a nefarious path planned most sinister since the beginning.

Who knows how far this goes. Do not trust any of the council, not even dear Xantos. Please, love of my life, send him from you now.

Your Imperial husband,

To Ixil, the blessing and bane of my soul,

My heart cries out in denial of the evidence before me. While my lungs thrust burgeoning screams of rage through my raw throat, my hand merely shakes mildly in this, our one last chance in averting the endless nightmare we are on the brink of.

I can scarcely resist the urge to pluck out my offending eyes that gaze upon the proof. I cannot believe that you have known HIS true plans all along!

I must believe that you were as dedicated to the cause as we all were at the beginning. The great WEAPON, forged with the souls of the innocent. Seven by seven thousand. It seemed a reasonable price for the great GOOD we were pledged to. A rid to the DEMON menace for eons to come.

Ten by ten thousand years of peace HE promised for the world. No lie there, HE is the master of the deception by truth!

For the love we once felt for each other, please tell me you did not know. That this is some cosmic mistake, that you did not participate in the ultimate treason against the souls of this world.

Tell me you did not know… the Weapon is not the end result, it is just the trigger.

Lower your shields and turn over your crystal to me. Together we can stand against HIM and avert the coming cataclysm.


Your eternal husband,

Letters to the Empress

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