Lukescros Faire

Ye Olde Lukescros Faire Events

Battle of the Bards
The event that started it all, the famous annual Lukescros Bardic competition. Bringing together the best musical talent, both local and from across the lands to compete for the honor of Master Bard. In addition to the coveted Silver Lute, this year’s prizes include a Chime of Opening, a full set of Wondrous Golden Lions, and an Amazing Alluring Headband!

Heroes Tournament
Join us for the ultimate spectacle of magic and melee as the most fabulous and fearsome teams of brave adventurers gather to battle for the title of Heroes of the Faire. Fear not, the mystic confines of the Force Dome offers full protection without obstructing view, and the Faire committee is proud of our safety record with no audience fatalities in the last three years running. The heroic prizes awarded include a Wondrous Bronze Griffon, the Fabulous Torc of Ages, an Impressive Rod of Enlarging, a Bracelet of Friends, the Scintillating Sun Blade, the Stunning Seraphic Shield and the Spectacular Shooting Star Ring!

Arcane Challenge
Witness the subtle mysteries and awe inspiring spectacle of master magicians wielding their arcane arts to solve the most insidious and puzzling challenges. The winner this year will be presented with a custom crafted Staff of Fire!

Archery Competition
Amazing feats of archery acumen are only the beginning as this years challenges require more than just skill with a bow, but will try the most agile and athletic of would-be champion archers on our unique course of challenges that actually shoot back! This year’s champion will receive an Efficient Quiver and the awe inspiring Icy Burst Composite Bow of Speed!

Equine Showmanship
The ultimate display of horsemanship, this event challenges both rider and mount to displays of grace and daring. The Adamantine Charger and Horseshoes of a Zephyr will be awarded to the winner.

The Pentathlon
The classic events of Discus, Javelin, Jumping, Running, Wrestling, with the Famous Faire twist. Gloves of Swimming and Climbing and a Girdle of Giant Strength will granted to the winner.

Flying Competition
So you think you can fly? More than half the world can through one magic or other; getting off the ground and moving is only the start. Here you get to prove how well you can handle yourself in the element of air. In addition to the Golden Sparrow Statue, the winner will receive Wings of the Dragon.

The Grand Masquerade Ball
The most spectacular social event of the season, come mingle, dance and enjoy. Both prince and pauper are equals behind the masks of the muse. Many wondrous prizes and surprises await the celebrants of this grand finale of the Lukescros Faire.

Lukescros Faire

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