Mistress of Death

The Mistress of Death, Celistra has many faces and incarnations, both terrible and beautiful to behold.

In days of old, before the rift of the Ralnian, she was a strong ally and lover of Cormar the Lord of the Winds. Most often being seen as a feared but necessary force of nature, a warden of the Thedira and even a benefit of succor and release.

But Celistra’s involvement in the fall of Cormar’s father, Phobos the Lord of Light created an irreconcilable enmity between them, made all the worse for their one time passion.
Now, more often than not, her aspects and worshipers have taken a darker tone befitting the Goddess’ bitterness over Cormar’s unreasonable spurning of her.
Celistra is often allied with Amon the Lord of Darkness against Phobos’ two powerful sons, Cormar and Alaric.

To speak the Goddess of Death’s name is to bring death upon yourself. The temples of death utilize only the first rune ‘Cel’ in Celistra name in writing and scriptures. And she is referred to only in title.
Her most powerful temple is known as the Temple of Cel.

Mistress of Death

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