Penwick - Hault School of Magic

The Hault School of Magic is both a school for practitioners of the art and an association of wizards. The school has a yearly tuition cost based on the Circles of Power ranking, which corresponds to the highest level of spell the student or alumni needs access to.

The following is the tuition costs for citizens of Penwick; costs are doubled for outsiders.
First Novice Mage 100 gp/year
Second Apprentice Mage 400 gp/year
Third Graduate Mage 900 gp/year
Fourth Master Mage 1,600 gp/year
Fifth Wizard of the Fifth Circle 2,500 gp/year
Sixth Wizard of the Sixth Circle 3,600 gp/year
Sixth Wizard of the Seventh Circle 4,900 gp/year
Only the Master Wizard of the School, Lara Stealle, is currently a member of the Seventh Circle.

Students, associates and alumni of the school who are current on their yearly dues have full access to the school’s.

general library of spells in their Circle of Power or lower. There is also a restricted library of spells that are only available with special permission from senior faculty members.
Students can fund their tuition by contributing new spells to the school library. Any spell contributed will be deducted from the required tuition at a value equal to the scroll cost of the spell.

Students must pass an examination before being admitted. This exam cost 100gp which can be applied to tuition for accepted students. Placing the student into the proper circle is only one part of the exam. Determining the student’s alignment and intentions is actually a critical part of the exam. Students with over evil nature or intentions, or those of suspicious nature may be denied at the discretion of the admittance committee.
The school has a strict code of conduct, and violations of the code are cause for expulsion.

The school sells scrolls of any spell in the general library. The following lists the standard scroll costs and the chance that a scroll of any given spell is currently for sale.
cantrip 12.5 gp 100%
1st 25 gp 95%
2nd 150 gp 85%
3rd 375 gp 70%
4th 700 gp 50%
5th 1,125 gp 20%
6th 1,650 gp 10%
7th 2,275 gp 5%

Penwick – Hault School of Magic – Spell Library

Penwick - Hault School of Magic

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