Qualton's Letters

A blue velvet covered box contains a beautiful silver ring with a sapphire stone.
Next to it there is a parchment, yellowed with age, at one time crumpled but then smoothed and folded carefully.

Dear Qualton,
It is with heavy heart that I must return this ring to you. It is most beautiful and I value the sentiment behind it, but I am afraid that my heart is already given, now and forever more, to Grellos.
I shall always treasure the time we spent together, and I have learned much. I hope we can remain dearest friends, now and always.
With fondest regards and best wishes for happiness,
— Fairwind

Near the box is another, newer parchment.

Be patient, in only a little more time, all that you have always dreamed of and deserved will be yours. We have already begun eliminating all that stands in your way. Continue the work in the catacombs and be ready. An emissary has already arrived in town, and the time is soon.
xxx D. xxx

Qualton's Letters

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