The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 10

Meriwynn mourned the loss of her book as they walked down the corridor of stone, she would have liked to map these corridors as she went. She had started out counting paces, but gave that up to keep up with Gully; he didn’t even seem to care that she had the light. The feel of the magic sword he grasped tightly in his hands was good enough for him as he forged ahead.

She held up her glowing club to cast its light as far as possible as they stopped at the top of a stairs; there was no sign of a bottom. But there was the faint sound of water.

“No.” she whispered as Gully started down. “We want up.”

She didn’t want to mention to Gully that she already felt they were under sea level. It was odd that the room they came from had the water level just below the floor, yet these stairs went down quite a ways. There was constant moisture and dripping from the walls and ceiling of these corridors.

She couldn’t help feeling that this place was filled with air like the old brass cup she used to play with in the bath; and one casual tilt and the precious air would bubble out.

They backtracked to the four-way intersection, Gully pushing past to get back in front. All four corridors faded into darkness at the far reaches of her light. To the left was the way they had originally came down.

“Go right again” she mouthed to him and motioned with the club.

This passage went perhaps a hundred paces and ended at a door. They had a difficult time getting that first door open between the two of them and this one looked even more solid. She motioned him back from the door.

“We kick it in and I charge?” Gully asked in an excited whisper.

“No. We go back and see where the other passage goes.”

“What? Are we just going to wander back and forth afraid of going anywhere?”

“A smart warrior knows the lay of the land. And keep your voice down.”


“I don’t know, maybe because it’s smart! Just do it.”

She thought for a minute and then whispered. “Inazuma, can you see what’s behind that door.”

“I’m afraid not.” The sword responded. “My magic does not allow me to see through objects as solid as metal, wood or stone.”

“Then we go back and keep looking.” Meriwynn said definitively.

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The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 10

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