The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 12

Ratnosk made his way carefully out of the safe, dark tunnel into the sea cavern. The horrid, bright sunlight was streaming in the cavern opening and reflecting off the ocean waters casting light to the deepest recesses of this cave.

He reached into his belt pouch with one clawed hand and pulled out his goggles of shadow and carefully placed them over his eyes. Protected from the harsh glare of day, he made his way across the narrow ledge and around the bend into the main cavern; where he immediately stopped at what he saw.

Two of the savage big folk sat on the rocky ledge above the water no more than ten feet in front of him. And floating in the water in the center of the cave was a large boulder of ice. In the heat of summer, that could only mean one thing. These were sorcerers and this was an attack on the tribe!

The invaders seemed as shocked to see him as he was them. This was his chance to escape, warn his people, and become a hero accepted back in the nesting circles. He turned on his tail to run back along the narrow ledge to the tunnels at the rear of the cavern. And he ran headlong into the claw of a dragon.

There are few higher honors than to be slain by one of the Great Ones, true incarnations of divinity on earth; except perhaps to be chosen to serve. He threw himself prone and hoped for a quick death; it was the most a second rate trap-jack like him could wish for when in the presence of a god on earth.

“What are you doing here little one?”

The Great One spoke to him in the true tongue! He shuddered in excitement. Her voice was like the dulcet tones of the dragon harp in the hall of choosing. The Great One was allowing him to live, at least for now; and she had actually spoke to him! He gathered his resolve and responded in the ritual formula that each of the people were taught from hatching, but never dared hope to actually use.

“Oh glorious and powerful master of spirit and elements I have no greater wish, and there is no greater fulfillment than to serve you in both my life and my death. Take of me what you will and I will give you my all.”

Even to his ears, his voice was high and unworthy, his pronunciation course, his tempo horrible.

Huge eyes of deep green and amber regarded him for a moment. The undulating light reflected off the waves at the cave entrance highlighted the spectacular glow of the Great One’s scales of shimmering bronze. Ratnosk held his breath awaiting the answer that could define his existence.

“Just great!” the dragon sighed, one powerful claw going to her head, “Kobolds!”.

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The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 12

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