The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 15

Perovich rocked back and forth on the statue as hard as he could while carefully avoiding the areas the acid had splattered. It always worked in stories; the idol of the angry god would fall on the evil beast. And the dragon had just covered Alaric’s beard and chest with caustic acid, marring the beautiful marble finish, which was justification for divine retribution if he had ever seen it. But the statue didn’t so much as vibrate with his antics.

He was out of ideas, the best he could hope for was to stay high out of easy reach and be a difficult target for the acid breath. As he jumped about, he heard the clinking of the crystal eyes in his bag. He looked again at the now angry seeming dragon statue across the hall and then the grinning evil wyrm stalking him from below.

“Lord Alaric, if you save me from this”, he prayed fervently, “I swear, I’ll fix your dragon statue.”

He didn’t really expect an answer, and almost fell off the statue when he saw the mighty Lord of Storms himself charging down the hall.

“Vile creature of darkness and evil prepare to feel my mighty storm of righteousness!” The voice boomed down the hallway accompanied by a roll of thunder.

Oddly, Perovich thought he heard Merry yelling, “Gully no!” faintly in the background.

As the Lord of Storms charged up, the dragon cowered down with its tail between its legs and sidled into the pool with a panicked splash.

Then the awe inspiring Storm God raised his mighty sword, and out came… not the huge blast of lightning Perovich expected, but barely a small spark. The pathetic little bolt did not strike the dragon, but instead went high and wide, towards the ceiling directly above the statue. And most astonishing and absurd of all, the image vanished and standing there was not the God of Storms, but little Gully holding a bronze short sword aloft.

Gully grinned up at Perovich and said, “Tricked you!”

“Gully you fool! Get out of there!” he yelled.

But Gully just stood there, his sword upraised. “Wait for it…” he said as if sharing some private joke, his grin spreading from ear to ear.

Perovich could only watch in horror as slowly the terrible head of the black dragon rose from the water, its evil eyes staring at the young boy, the anger and hatred of the beast almost palatable.

“Foolish human, I will melt you slowly from the feet up for that!” The dragon spoke with a voice like crushed gravel.

The humming and crackling of energy building drew Perovich’s attention upward. Directly above him, he saw the dome was coming alive with sparks from the center sphere and his hairs stood on end as small bolts started jumping to the golden lightning bolt the statue held.

Perovich was beginning to get the idea that divine retribution was coming, but it would be too late. Only the dragon’s confusion at the little boy grinning like a maniac had held it back this long.

He could just hear Ireweena’s voice saying, as she always did when Gully did something particularly foolish, ‘its Vic’s fault, he’s a bad influence on the boy’. Yet, the boy was standing there doing something ten times as foolish as he ever did. OK, maybe only twice as foolish, and it was time to rectify that.

The gemstone made a particularly satisfying clink as it struck the dragon’s scaly head. When the dragon looked at him, he tried for an eye with the second one, but it bounced off the bony ridge above the deep set yellow eyes. A total shame he thought, it would have been poetic justice to get the dragon in the eye with a dragon’s eye gem.

“Right here you stinking little newt!”

Standing astride the great statue, his bare feet planted on the Storm God’s shoulders, his skin crawling with the charge building above him, Perovich’s taunt was interrupted by a blast of acid from the maw of the dragon. He leapt down using gravity to vanish from view, and the great cloak as a slide, but he was not quite fast enough; a spray of acid caught his left side.

Wracked with excruciating pain, Perovich fell from the stone folds of the statue cloak to the floor. Lying by the statue’s legs he saw the dragon looking up into the growing storm in the domed ceiling; serious bolts were now beginning to jump from the sphere to the gilded lightning bolt.

Then it turned back to Gully.

“Too late” Gully said gleefully as the next bolt from the dome missed the statue entirely. It arched to Gully’s sword, and from there it blasted directly into the shocked maw of the black dragon. The dragon made a desperate dive into the water, and in a great wave, swam down the long pool trying to escape. Bolt after bolt of powerful energy was drawn to Gully’s sword and blasted after the beast until the roiling waters were still; and then three more bolts to be sure.

“I think that’s enough” Meriwynn said, standing beside, but not too close to Gully.

“Indeed” a strange voice agreed. In his pain soaked awareness, Perovich wondered if it was the God of Storms himself, or if anyone else could hear it.

“Hi kids” he said weakly, rolling flat on the floor and staring up at the lightning still playing across the dome and striking the statue’s upraised bolt every so often. It was very beautiful he thought.

Merry’s concerned face leaned over him, she was holding a short glowing staff, and he wondered distantly when she had become a wizard. For that matter, when had Gully become a disciple of the Lord of Storms? Not that it mattered; what was bothering him now was that she was blocking his view of the pretty storm above.

He closed his eyes, hoping one of those bolts of lightning would hit him; it was starting to feel cold.

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The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 15

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