The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 4

Theria grappled the bronze with both fore claws, and let loose with her fire. Her opponent responded with a lightning strike. The weight difference was a lot better than Theria had guessed; the bronze was at least three or four times lighter than her. She easily pulled her off the curved breakwater and towards shore. Through the cove, it was half the distance than it would be to go around the rocks; but immediately Theria began to regret it. The bronze didn’t resist initially, but pulled the blue in after them with her rear claws.

By the fifth head, this upstart bronze angered her! Didn’t she realize that Theria could not care less about that useless blue? If he wasn’t totally under water, she’d fry him herself! She gave a savage heave towards shore, and forced the bronze to release the blue and dig her own claws into the sandy bottom.

Theria loosened her current bite on the bronze throat and called out. “Irovnia get Berikarth out of here! Yiglelot, after the little one!”

The small bronze had struck earlier from the ocean side of the rocks, and had little choice but to continue on to the cove side when Theria had released her. She should be somewhere in the cove with the humans. Perhaps she was drowning them just to ruin Theria’s meal. She would deal with that one later, first she needed to put an end to the one she had in her grip.

The sleek, streamlined form and smooth scales of the bronze offered little purchase for her claws, but Theria’s powerful muscles constricted like iron bands around the smaller body, and she pulled inexorably towards shore. Grappled like this neither one of them could effectively do more than bite, but that was enough, the bronze’s bite was as nothing to the damage that Theria’s massive jaws were dealing out. At this rate, she might not need to get the bronze all the way to shore.

A lightning bolt blasted up out of the water a short distance away catching foolish Yiglelot full on.

“There’s a well hole in the center of the cove!” the black dragon yelled as he flapped once again towards shore. Theria noticed his flight was ragged and he barely stayed aloft. The weakling was almost taken out by a few lightning strikes, Theria was sure he wasn’t coming back.

The darker shadow in the center of the cove could be anything to a fire dragon’s eyes. But it made sense. The bronze was trying to trick her again! Theria had almost walked right into that hole without looking. She pulled savagely to the left. With her renewed anger, she felt her fires returning; and the bronze was weakening, this fight was almost over.

Vestiralanna’s head also came up, her eyes glowing like green orbs. Another foolish lightning bolt would be as nothing to the strength of a red dragon Theria thought; and she’d show this wretched sea creature the true power and might of dragon breath. She gathered her breath.

The bronze dragon’s breathed out a white fog, like steam on a fire. But it was not pleasantly scalding like steam, it was uncomfortable cool. Theria was caught inhaling and felt she was drowning in the ocean depth, the taste of salt and smell of foam overpowering. She couldn’t get her breath! She felt herself going under, the warmth and light fading as she sank deeper. She had to get out of it!

When Theria looked around, she was flying high over an old ruined keep on a hill. Her breathe was coming in ragged gasps. The warm sun was burning the last of the chill grip of the ocean from her mind.

May the five headed lady have mercy on me, she prayed, but knew she didn’t deserve it. She had forgotten that bronze dragons had a secondary breath attack.

As Theria descended to the cove a second time, she quickly cast both protection from energy and protection from good on herself. She didn’t expect to find the bronzes there, but when next she met them, she would be ready.

The black dragon was no where to be seen, probably hiding in some swamp or puddle inland. The white, Irovnia had pulled Berikarth onto the beach using an ice float. Theria wondered briefly if the stupid white had froze him to death in the process. But she saw the Berikarth was already beginning to stir.

The ocean looked quiet. Unattended, Irovnia’s melting ice mound had floated down the coast and was almost gone. There was no sign of fishermen or the children.

All in all, it couldn’t be worse.

Theria landed in the cove by the breakwater, grabbing the largest boulder she could move, she hauled it to the center of the cove and dropped it over the hole.

“Bring me something to eat, and don’t freeze it, or I’ll fry you!” She bellowed at Irovnia.

She settled on the rock in the center of the cove and waited for the airship to arrive. It was a wide, broad ocean, and there was nothing else she could think to do.

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The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 4

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