The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 8

Meriwynn was worried about Gully. He was four-times touched by dragon power this day, stabbed by dragon claws, burned by dragon fire, healed by dragon magic and now charged with dragon lightning, and he held a dragonforged blade of terrible power. It was like one of her stories come to life, but it shouldn’t be happening to him. He was too young, it was too dangerous!

Meriwynn jumped at the sudden static shock. Gully had stealthfully reached over to touch the small of her back. He was now doubled over with laughter. She knew Gully; he would never grow tired of that trick. He was too annoying to have that kind of power!

“Can’t you do anything about him?” She asked the sword. She wished it would become the old man again; she didn’t like talking to the thin air.

“It would be imprudent for me to take control at this point.” The sword spoke directly in her head. “I am still not entirely sure how he is able to wield me at all.”

She didn’t like the implications of the sword ‘taking control’, but she also didn’t like the way Gully’s hair was standing up and waving slightly like it was alive with electric life of its own. Or the extra nervous energy, even more than normal, he seemed to have as he paced around the room swinging the sword.

She dodged another of his static shock touches as he came back over to her. And Gully stepped in uncomfortably close and looked up at her with a huge maniacal grin.

“What’s with the worried face? Don’t worry, I can protect you now.”

She couldn’t really blame the sword for the mania; that was pure undiluted Gully. The only difference was now his wild game was all too real.

“Young Masters” the sword spoke out loud. “We should get going now, there is no telling how much longer this room will be safe.”

“What do you mean?” Meriwynn asked.

“I cannot be certain what has transpired in the cove above, or what dragon is likely to come through that opening next.” The sword explained. “It would be best to expand our exit options.”

“I think he means we should go explore.” Gully explained eagerly.

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The Battle of Fisheye Cove - Part 8

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