The World

World map s
The world has as many names as there are peoples and languages to name it. If an order of precedence is established by age, then the name Hai’Valan given by ancient dragons is the first to be recorded.

The Elves who have filled copious volumes of books on every subject imaginable and have at least thirteen names for everything most commonly name the world Arinthar. This is also the name given on the world charts of the Celestial, but whether the Celestials got this name from the elves when they visited ten thousand years ago, or the Elves got it from them is unknown.

The world is also often referred to in old Elvish tomes as Kitharra, but this typically refers to the time of the great forest.

During the time of the first three human empires, they called the world Laurentia. And this is still common in many books from that time, but the prevalence of Elvish literature in post imperial times has made Arinthar somewhat more common in usage.

The Isle of Thac is centrally located in the known world.

The World

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