Towers of Power

Seven towers constructed during the last years of the reign of the Mad Emperor Narodon. The towers were never activated and their purpose is unknown.

A recent map discovered by the New Hero’s of Penwick reportedly depicts the location of six of the seven towers.
A series of high-speed underground travel tubes reportedly connected the towers. Whether these still work centuries later is unknown.

Powerful astral diamonds that amplify magical or mental energy are known to be part of at least some of the towers.

One tower is located in the mountains of eastern Thac, and has been infested by a demon invasion. The demons are using the power of the crystal in this tower to create a huge Astral Web which acts to entrap those using teleportation within its vast range.

The Marsh Tower is another one of the towers. The crystal was used to power the permanent fog of negative energy that engulfed the area for centuries. The tower was recently taken over by the Seer Elistra and the fog and plague of undead in the area is dispersing.

A ruined tower in western Lanfor has been reported. It is believed that the crystal from that tower is gone, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

Towers of Power

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