The village of Vermoorden was originally founded as a refugee camp of malcontents fleeing one of the infamous purges of old Dunwynn over seventy years ago. The town has since grown to several hundred inhabitants.
Although granted the lands around Lake Armin by the then Baron of Penwick, who didn’t want them in his barony, Vermoorden has always been fiercely independent. They elect their own ‘Lord Mayor’ who presides over all town affairs.

Vermoorden is known as a place for those with a shady past to seek a new life. It is also known as the place to go if you need the services of those who work outside the laws of the land.

The current self-appointed Lord Mayor of the town is Elladan Narmolanya who has renamed the town Graceland

Previously, Vermoorden was the home to the assassin’s guild, the Silent Reapers, who were rooted out and mostly destroyed by the Knights of the Couch.


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